​Street ​Artist and illustrator Hayley Welsh, paints whimsical, surreal creatures on random objects she finds in her travels. Her partner, Andy Faraday, is a kickass photographer, who shoots mainly film, road-trips and adventure shots. They both love travelling and just completed an amazing road trip/art project across the US of A, in a converted school bus, known as the School Bus Project. 


‘We are both risk-takers, love doing new things and try to say ‘yes’ to life and opportunities that come our way.’

"We’ve got a busy year ahead, including trips to London and Berlin early in the year, 3D installations across Australia, Burning Man in Nevada in August, then the release of our new book ‘School Bus Project’ in June. So keep your eyes peeled for the new book and street art popping up around your area. We’re just focusing on doing projects which make us both happy and inspiring others to do what they love too."

Find out more about the school bus project:

​When they arrived in NYC they did a joint show of their work in the Lower East Side, showcasing Hayley’s paintings on the objects she found on the trip and Andy’s 3D photography in those super cool vintage veiwmasters y’all might remember clicking through when you were a kid.

​Their most recent collaboration has seen Hayley and Andy setting off on a road trip to Denmark in Western Australia. Andy took his cameras and a heap of film and they shot for days on end. Andy then developed his images, printed them, then Hayley hand-painted onto the final prints.



"Welsh is young but already an accomplished illustrator with obvious technical ability and a unique style. Her work can best be compared to Mark Ryden’s, featuring big-eyed creatures that are so cute they can’t be trusted; an ominous softness...

What stuck out immediately were the series of Viewfinders hanging from the ceiling on twine. Faraday filled these Viewfinders with his series of photographs, the focus of most being women. Faraday has an eye for light and in the best of his work he is able to use and manipulate it powerfully..."

Ask A New Yorker

Hayley and Andy picked up an old, yellow shorty school bus in San Francisco, converted it into a mobile home/studio, then travelled across to New York, then on through Texas and Miami. Andy shot their adventures in 3D and film, whilst Hayley collected objects along the way, painting them in the moving bus.​